You play as Alya, a "Sky-Explorer" who wants to map out Skyland.
Navigate heaven by joining together Sky Maps as you platform towards each level's goal!
Game Features
Play a simple and sweet puzzle-platform game as Alya, sky-explorer.
Join maps together and create your own path in real-time. Toggle them on and off at your discretion.
Joined maps will shape the level elements. Use your brain to reach the end.
Get to the exit point as fast as you can and be the quickest player to finish the game. Share your timer in the comments below!
Move: A and D

Jump: Spacebar

ClimbW and S
Open Map Menu: Hold Shift 

Toggle Map On/Off: 
Left Mouse Button
Up to 2 maps may be toggled on at the
same time

Andrea 'Harbrus' Ortino: Team Leader and Game Designer

Mark Tulchinskiy - Programmer

Devin Gajewski - Programmer

Nathakorn Soontornworachan - Programmer 

Lou Brown - Artist

Tung Tran - Artist

Vi Zou - Artist

Noah Hughes - Composer

Tom Dowling - Sound Effects & Music

Mario Luca Guarnaccia - Video Editor (Trailer)


SkyExplorer_Windows_v1.0.zip 32 MB
SkyExplorer_macOS_v1.0.zip 41 MB


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I really, really love the visual style ~~ great work!


Fun concept and great presentation! It's interesting how the maps overlay, and you kind of create your own levels using pre-defined chunks. It's neat swapping parts on and off on the fly.

I wanted to mention that it's hard on my wrist to hold Shift and A or D at the same time--I'm not sure if I have misunderstood how the player's hand is supposed to lay on the keyboard. It's also pretty tricky to navigate the mouse while Alya is sailing over a bottomless pit (I wonder if hotkeys would be better for this sort of thing). It is also difficult to read exactly when Alya will clip up on top of a platform or get pushed out to the side of it.

Anyway. Hopefully I'm not missing the point. Thank you for sharing this game!

I personally use a classic setup with my Pinky on shift. I see your points, we just did not have the time for polishing controls and also add a gamepad option. Thanks for the feedback ;)

Hey! I was wondering if I had permission to request this game for speedrun.com. I would give you credit for the game in the description.

Hi! Developer/Artist here,
We give you the blessing!! Much love <3

Alright thanks I'll submit it :D


Love the aesthetic, great game. 

Aw, thanks!


it's well polished, love it! <3

Thanks for playing. We submitted it for the GMTK JAM 2022 ;)