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How can I open it with MacOS though? There is only exe file which cannot be opened by Mac

Sorry about that, I have added the mac build. Thanks for your interest and consider checking out my other games ;)

Unfortunately I still don't know how to run the game... The new file you uploaded only contains three kinda empty files...

Hey, sorry to hear that. I cannot test myself since I am using Windows, so I have asked one of the Dev to build another release for mac if he can. For now, I am just removing the mac version and consider it not available anymore. Will let you know if the situation change, and sorry again for the inconveniences.

It is so unfortunate to know that the game cannot run on Macintosh for now... but still, thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to the Mac version in the future!

Yeah, the kind of things that happen during the Jam, sorry about that. As I said I will update you in the case I get a mac build release. In the meantime you can checkout the other games in my pages, hope you will find some cool games to play :D

Cool game idea, I really love the art style :0 , though I wish that tail and dragon movement were smoother.

Thanks for your feedback. Did you wish the movement were smother in terms of controls response? Or that the dragon could move freely in the map?

In terms of controls response, but maybe it's just me :d

Thanks for the clarification :)

How do i open it, when i try to i get "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). click OK to close the application. 

Hey, can you please tell me which file are you trying to launch? Extract the files inside the zip and then, in the dragon v3 folder, launch 2buttongame.exe